Alagadi Beach Villas to Rent in Northern Cyprus

Holiday villas to rent in Alagadi beach area near the Alagadi Turtle Beach in Northern Cyprus.

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    Alagadi Beach Villas for Rental

    Alagadi is home to the famous Turtle Beach, (often just called Alagadi Beach) where every year endangered green and loggerhead sea turtles return to lay their eggs in the golden sands. While these special creatures and their nest sites are carefully protected, there's still plenty of room for everyone on this lovely sandy coastline!

    Holiday Villas to Rent within Alagadi Beach Area in North Cyprus

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    Villa Denizim in Alagadi

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    Alagadi - golden sandy beach and nesting sea turtles

    Just up the road from your holiday villa in Alagadi is the new Korineum Golf course, a superb competition standard course set amongst ancient olive groves and the rocky mountainside. It's sometimes hard to concentrate on your game, the views are so good! So, your Alagadi villa is a great base for a golfing holiday in North Cyprus, since the golf fanatic can play to their heart's content, and the rest of the family can enjoy the lovely beach… The Club House is a popular place for a drink after a great game of golf in North Cyprus too.

    From a rental villa in Alagadi, it's also just a five minute drive to the popular village of Catalkoy, with fine restaurants including two curry houses, and a superb Sunday roast served at the Chimneys restaurant. Catalkoy also has two supermarkets that stock a good range of familiar foods, so you can stock up your Alagadi villa fridge with everything from tasty olives to local wines, cool beers and fresh cheeses.

    From any Alagadi holiday villa, the pretty town of Kyrenia is just a 15 minute drive away, with its famous Venetian harbour lined with excellent restaurants and its back streets filled with small, friendly local bars.

    If the kids want a bit of excitement, your Alagadi holiday villa is just an 8 minute drive away from the Acapulco Beach Resort. This resort beach has the lot; sun loungers with parasols, showers and changing rooms, a snack bar and even an aqua park, as well as water sports galore.

    However, if you prefer peace and quiet, then try nearby Lara beach, which has rock pools that kids can't resist exploring, and smooth limestone rocks, ideal for sunworshippers.

    Alagadi Turtle Beach is a super place to lie back and soak up the sunshine on the sands. When you arrive during the day from your Alagadi self-catering villa, the beach is peaceful and very relaxed, but at night during the turtle breeding season, the sands come alive with hatchling turtles.

    If you want to see these amazing creatures during your holiday in North Cyprus, then you are in exactly the right place if you rent a villa in Alagadi. The information centre of SPoT, the Society for the Protection of Turtles in Northern Cyprus, known to the locals as the Goatshed, is right on Alagadi beach. The project's student volunteers protect the nests by caging them off from predators such as foxes, and supervise the hatchings.

    You can join a public viewing of baby turtle releases most evenings during the season from 5.30pm, but you must book in advance. These releases are of baby turtles who probably hatched the night before and didn't make it to the sea, or who hatched during the heat of the day. Volunteers collect the vulnerable baby turtles from Alagadi and other beaches, and release them under supervision, giving them a much better chance of survival.

    For a more 'natural' experience, you can join a night watch to see both the young hatching from the sands, and female turtles coming ashore to dig nests and lay their eggs. On a night watch, some hardy souls sleep on the beach, but you won't need to if your Alagadi holiday villa is just around the corner!

    Green Turtles and Glorious Golf in Alagadi with Amy Villas

    Enjoy the best of surf and turf (so to speak) with turtle watching and golfing holidays and a private villa in Alagadi.