Karpaz Villas for Rent

Holiday villas in the beautiful Karpas Peninsula, with its deserted beaches and wild donkeys...

Holiday Villas to Rent within Karpaz Peninsula

Karpaz Peninsula - the wild donkeys and the finest beaches in North Cyprus

The Karpaz is a panhandle of land jutting into the sea, with lush green fields of wild herbs, vineyards and groves of olive and carob trees. Keep heading east, and it changes into a spectacular rocky landscape where the grumpy Cyprus wild donkey is king, sharing the land with migratory birds, nesting sea turtles and a huge variety of native wildlife.

You are also close to some of the finest beaches in North Cyprus, and none of them will be even remotely crowded - the Karpas Peninsula has over 45 sandy beaches to explore on your North Cyprus villa holiday! Unspoilt Bafra Beach is right on your doorstep at Bogaz.

Head into the Karpas Peninsula to discover secluded rocky coves that can be yours for the day, or the wide sands of glorious Golden Beach. Backed by romantic sand dunes, chances are you'll be the only family on your stretch of this enormous sandy beach, unless you count the sea turtles laying their eggs in the sand! Head to the far end of the Karpaz Peninsula to discover the Apostolos Andreas Monastery, where St Andrew arrived on North Cyprus and created a fresh water spring, said to have healing properties.