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    Villa Owners Terms & Conditions

    Please read this document thoroughly. By using services of Amy Villas you indicate that you accept these Terms and Conditions.

    Materials on Amy Villas website

    All copyright, trademarks and design rights and the material published on belong to Amy Villas or Villa Owner.

    You shall not use our site for any marketing or advertising purposes which are not permitted by us.

    Advertising Fees

    Advertising your property on our website is free of charge.
    We will first visit your property to take photos and obtain all the necessary information for our website. If you are abroad, we can still visit and take photos if your friends or neighbours have a key.
    We will ask you to advise us of the net prices per week that you would like to charge for your property throughout the year and we will then add our profit to this for advertising.
    If you are advertising your property elsewhere, you may wish to consider discounting these prices by around 15% so that the prices promoted on our website are not too high. We work with many villa owners in this way to ensure that we offer competitive prices to maximise bookings.


    When we receive a reservation, we will email you in a standard format voucher presenting all the information you need. We do not confirm the reservation with the customer until you confirm that you are happy to proceed. It is your responsibility to notify Amy Villas of any change of your contact email address or telephone number which we can use for communication with you. When we get your authorisation we then finalise the booking and process the payment accordingly.


    Any contract for the rental of your property listed on our site is directly between you and a Holidaymaker and Amy Villas are not a party to that contract.
    In recognition of this you acknowledge that in case of any claims brought to the attention of Amy Villas by the Holidaymaker it is Villa Owner’s / Property Manager’s responsibility to take active part in solving the problem.
    In the case of Holidaymaker contacting the Property Manager to notify about any problem or dissatisfaction with the property it is necessary to let representative of Amy Villas know about the issue within the next 24 hours after receiving a notice. If this is not done Amy Villas leave the right to hold part of the payment to Villa Owner to cover the compensation costs to the Holidaymakers.


    Payments for the rental are made to Garanti Bank Sterling account of the Villa Owner within 7 days after guests have checked out. The account in Garanti Bank, TRNC has to be open as soon as possible. Please notify us with your bank details accordingly.

    While you do not have an account in Garanti Bank we will raise a cheque payment to you on the Friday following the customer's departure or make a wire transfer to the other bank account. Please note that in this case an amount of £20.00 will be held for covering bank transfer costs.

    Property Management

    We do not offer property management service, however we do insist that all owners have a property management service in place.

    This service should cover the following:

    • Cleaning & pre-arrival preparation of the property (minimum once a week cleaning for guests staying more than 14 days)
    • Must provide spare bedding, spare towels and pool towels for the amount of guests staying
    • Pool maintenance & regular cleaning (a minimum cleaning service of once a week when the property is inhabited, preferably twice weekly.)
    • Gardening as necessary - Your property should look very similar to how it is shown in our website photos (obviously maturity of plants is expected)
    • Bill payments
    • Emergency response from a representative of the property management if required. (We will require an emergency 24/7 contact telephone number for our records.)

    If you need recommendations of reliable Property Managers feel free to contact Amy Villas representative.

    Minimum Rental and Changeover Days

    We have a minimum 3 day rental policy and changeover days are flexible to maximise the number of rentals. However if you are happy to rent your property for less amount of days please notify Amy Villas accordingly.

    In case of any enquiry for the booking of less than 3 days Amy Representative will still contact you to ask whether you wish to proceed.

    Time of Arrival and Departure

    The property must be ready by 3:00 pm on arrival day and will be vacated by 12:00 pm on the departure day, however if there is not an immediate booking in advance or to follow, we would ask for flexibility on these timings to maximise the number of rentals that can be achieved.

    Cancellation by Us, the Company

    • If we cancel the booking, in advance of 8 weeks, we do not pay any money.
    • If we cancel the booking, between 8 weeks to 4 weeks, we pay 50% of the booking amount.
    • If we cancel the booking, in less than 4 weeks, we pay 90% of the booking amount.

    Amy Villas reserve the right to cancel a booking placed and confirmed by you "the owner", within 7-days of your confirmation being received, for reasons of non-payment by our customer.

    Security Deposit

    A security deposit of 200.00 British Pounds is billed and held by Amy Villas against the possibility of loss or damage to the property and contents, in excess of general wear and tear.
    The owner must inform Amy Villas within 7 days of customer departure if there is any damage or loss of items. If we are not informed within 7 days, we reserve the right to automatically refund the deposit in full to the customer.
    Please note that major damage in excess of 200.00 British Pounds should be covered with necessary buildings and contents insurance by the property owner.
    We disclaim all liability and responsibility for any loss or damage to personal possessions at a property or any incident or occurrence which takes place at a property.

    Internet Access

    If you are offering free internet access, please ensure that instructions are available to guests who wish to avail themselves of this service. If the internet service should fail and cannot be rectified within 24 hours, we reserve the right to deduct £50.00 from the rental amount due.


    Minimum 300 units of electricity must be included in the weekly rental price for villas with private pools. Minimum 200 units of electricity must be included in the weekly rental price for villas without pools and for apartments.
    The owner's management company must show the customer the electricity meter before their stay and at the end of their stay. If the management company fails to do this and the customer does not accept excess electricity use, Amy Villas cannot deduct this from the security deposit. The owner must inform Amy Villas within 7 days of customer departure if there is any excess electricity use so the amount can be held from Security Deposit.
    Any excess will be calculated using 6.29 TL per unit, which is the third bracket defined by the TRNC Electricity Office.


    We display an availability chart for all rental properties in our booking system. This maximises the number of rentals since the customer, the company and the villa owner will not waste time over a booking which cannot happen due to the property not being available.
    It is the responsibility of the property owner to advise us of all reservations received from other sources in order that we can maintain the calendar for your property.
    Failing to provide up to date availability on a constant basis may lead to termination of the current contract.


    Your villa will be advertised through Amy Villas websites (,, along with other travel engines and booking platforms. We keep the right to decide whether your villa will be placed on other websites.

    Villa Checks

    In order to minimize customer’s complaints we will be doing seasonal checks to make sure villa is 100% ready and free from construction/electric/garden/pool issues. Inspection check list made in result of these checks will be shared between the company and villa owners/property managers.

    Courtesy Visits

    We will sometimes have a short visit to your random customers to help them feel more at home in Cyprus and to make sure they are entirely happy with the villa. Should any deficiencies/issues be found we will share this information with villa owners/property managers to take immediate action.

    Rental Tax

    Villa owners are fully responsible from declaring their rental income and paying rental tax to the TRNC Government.

    Events beyond our control

    We will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance for any circumstances beyond our reasonable control including strikes, breakdown of systems or network access, flood, fire explosion or accident.


    We leave the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by amending them and sending a copy to you.


    Any notices that you wish to send us should be emailed to . Any notices that we may wish to draw to your attention will be displayed on our website or through email correspondence.


    If the following problems happen, you will be charged accordingly:

    1. If we send you a new booking and you fail to confirm due to whatever reason: £100
    2. No water in the house: 5% of daily rate per day
    3. No internet in the house: £15 per day
    4. Electric faults in the house: 10% of daily rate per day
    5. Air-conditioning Breakdown: 50% of daily rate per day
    6. Poor cleanness on arrival: 25% of daily rate per day
    7. If the pool if dirty and not swimmable: 10% of daily rate per day
    8. If the pool if dirty but still swimmable: 5% of daily rate per day
    9. If kitchen appliances do not work (washing machine, fridge etc.): £15 per item per day
    10. Failure to provide any aspects listed on your villa content: £25 per day
    11. Poor structural maintenance (big cracks on the walls etc.): £10 per day

    We reserve the right to make minor changes to our terms and conditions to meet our business requirements.