Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

Rent your holiday villa in Kyrenia and learn scuba diving in one of the nearby PADI diving schools.

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    Life Under the Waves: Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

    Learning to Scuba Dive in North Cyprus

    The warm, calm waters off North Cyprus are ideal for learning to scuba dive, and many diving schools actually teach you in sheltered bays and coves - no boring swimming pool sessions here! Remember to take an underwater camera (you can buy disposable ones) to show the family later what you looked like six feet underwater!

    PADI Dive Schools in North Cyprus

    There are several PADI approved diving schools in Northern Cyprus offering a range of courses for beginners of all ages. Youngsters can join a Bubblemaker course designed to have them diving in a matter of minutes, whilst adult beginners can try out the sport on the excellent Discover Scuba Diving programme.

    Most dive schools are found in Kyrenia or on the coast road, so look for details and contact number in the information pack found in most North Cyprus villas for rent. BASC and PADI dive courses offered in North Cyprus include Scuba Diver, Open Water & Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Dive Master and Medic First Aid for PADI certification, and Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader for BASC certification.

    You can make a try dive in North Cyprus up to 6 metres - book a scuba diving session in North Cyprus, run by our sister company Go North Cyprus.

    Choice Scuba Dive Sites in Cyprus

    North Cyprus has a wide variety of dive sites, some just a matter of metres off shore, so you have plenty to choose from on your scuba diving villa holiday. Northern Cyprus waters enjoy great visibility, up to 30 metres, you could find yourself swimming with stingrays, wrasse or even alongside a rare loggerhead sea turtle. Below you, you'll see fish and sea creatures darting amongst the coral and rocks, or even amongst the remains of an ancient harbour.

    Keen divers have plenty of diving opportunities during a North Cyprus villa holiday. The mountain peak at Zeyko is a popular dive, as are the caves, cuts and canyons at Paradise. Mansinis Reef has wonderful natural formations to explore, and you should definitely take a good underwater camera to capture the wildlife at Fred's Reef.

    Scuba Diving at Ship Wrecks in North Cyprus

    The usually calm waters around the coastline have claimed many ships over the centuries, and you can dive on a variety of sites, including where the oldest shipwreck in the world was discovered. (The wreck itself is now in the Shipwreck Museum in Kyrenia.)

    Diving off the Karpas Peninsula, North Cyprus

    Karpas Peninsula dive sites include underwater caverns, impressive walls and a wrecked cargo ship lying at a very accessible 20 metres.

    Scuba Diving Safaris in North Cyprus

    You are not allowed to scuba dive on your own in North Cyprus, so all levels of divers should join a safari organised by a PADI approved school or guide company. Divers must not touch or remove any historic artifacts. In case of an emergency, there is a decompression chamber at the Dr Burham Nalbantoglu Hospital in Nicosia.

    Get Wet With Amy Villas

    If you fancy scuba diving in North Cyprus, what are you waiting for! Choose from our unique selection of North Cyprus villas for rent, and book your North Cyprus underwater adventure today!