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Rent a villa at North Cyprus countryside village and you will enjoy the nature at its best.

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    North Cyprus: Nature at Its Loveliest

    North Cyprus is a land of exceptional natural beauty, from its sweeping coastlines to the heights of the Five Finger Mountains. Whether you choose a North Cyprus holiday villa in the countryside of Esentepe or in the centre of Kyrenia, you can enjoy the natural beauty of North Cyprus on your doorstep.

    North Cyprus Beaches: A Haven for Wildlife

    North Cyprus beaches are not just popular with visitors; the rare green and loggerhead sea turtles love them too! Every year, thousands come to the golden sands of North Cyprus to lay their eggs, and these rare creatures are heavily protected during the breeding season. You can watch baby turtles hatch and scurry to the foaming sea at night at a variety of protected sites along the North Cyprus coastline, before returning to your rental villas with amazing photos and wonderful memories.

    In spring and autumn, the skies of North Cyprus resound to the songs of millions of migrating birds, a bird watcher's paradise! Even from the terrace of your North Cyprus holiday villa, you'll be able to spot these seasonal visitors, such as swallows and swifts, and on more rocky shores, the delicate little ringed plover. If 'twitching' is your fascination, leave the holiday seaside villas behind and head to the Kyrenia Mountains around Kantara Castle, where you may spot the resident Cyprus warbler, blue rock thrush and black-headed bunting.

    The Mountains of North Cyprus in Spring

    In North Cyprus, spring arrives in an explosion of colour, as wild flowers burst into bloom on the mountainsides. Drive into the hills from any Esentepe or Kyrenia villa for rent, and you'll discover meadows filled with wild flowers, including cyclamens, anemones and narcissi. As you walk, spring butterflies rise in multi-coloured clouds, and the air is alive with buzz of insects. Look closely, and you'll also discover over 30 species of wild orchid, including the pretty bee orchid.

    The forests of the Five Finger Mountains are also home to the most timid of North Cyprus wild mammals, the elusive and reclusive mouflon, a type of wild sheep. If you are lucky on your day trip to the mountains from your North Cyprus villa rental, you may glimpse mouflon leaping across the higher crags. (Ironically, many mouflon have made their home in the UN buffer zone between North and south Cyprus, because nobody can enter the zone apart from the UN!)

    Far more easy to spot, are the wild donkeys of the Karpas Peninsula, who live in this lovely and less-developed part of North Cyprus. Easily accessible from any villa to rent in Bogaz, these Karpaz-roaming wild donkeys may look cute and cuddly, but they are wild animals with serious attitude, so don't let children get too close.

    Amy Villas in North Cyprus, Your Natural Choice

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