North Cyprus Paragliding

Rent your holiday villa in Kyrenia and enjoy the scenery as you soar like a bird over the Kyrenia Mountains.

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    Soaring Like a Bird: Paragliding in North Cyprus

    May be, you will be lucky to spot your rental villa below. Who knows!

    Highline Air Tours office is in Kyrenia Old Harbour.
    You can book your paragliding session by phone 0090 542 8555672.

    Cyprus Tandem Paragliding: Do I Need Previous Experience?

    Imagine flying high above ancient castles, soaring over pretty villages and holiday villas alike, and then swooping down to the shimmering North Cyprus coastline - without have to lift a finger! With tandem paragliding, an experienced pilot guides your flight all the way, from a gentle take-off high in the mountains to the softest of landings in a large field.

    When Can I Paraglide in North Cyprus?

    Highline Air Tours fly every day during the summer months, weather permitting, so you can book in reasonable confidence. However, don't leave your flight until the last day of your villa holiday in North Cyprus, as conditions in the mountains can change quickly.

    Do I Need Lots of Training to Paraglide in North Cyprus?

    Before your flight, you will have plenty of practice time for take-off and landing techniques, before you and your pilot take off from around 2500 feet above sea level to join the birds in the clear blue North Cyprus sky. Your enthusiastic and experienced pilot will tailor the flight and route to your tastes, from gentle scenic tour to an adrenaline-fuelled joy ride to discover the thrill of paragliding as a sport.

    Do I Need a Hire Car to Paraglide in North Cyprus?

    Paragliding companies in North Cyprus will usually collect you from a central Kyrenia location, or you can drive to their landing site from your rental villa or apartment if you prefer. Your paragliding company will then take you to one of their launch sites in the Kyrenia Mountains or on the Karpas Peninsula. Full training and safety equipment is provided, and comprehensive insurance is usually included in your flight price. Just remember to take your camera for probably the most amazing photos you'll take during your villa holiday in North Cyprus!

    At the end of your fabulous flight, the company will return you to Kyrenia, approximately three hours later.

    Is There Any Age Limit on Paragliding in Northern Cyprus?

    Let's put it this way, in 2007 Peggy McAlpine took a tandem paragliding flight - and she was 100 years old! Ask your paragliding company about the suitability for paragliding for those aged under 10.

    Is Solo Pilot Paragliding Available in North Cyprus?

    Paragliding companies in North Cyprus will be happy to rent equipment to qualified pilots wishing to fly in North Cyprus. You must fly with an established company and a local guide, as the authorities need to know your name in advance and flights must not cross military zones. Advanced thermal flying training courses are also available.